Winterize Your Staten Island Volkswagen

November 30th, 2018 by

Winter is on its way, which means it’s time to winterize your Volkswagen. Winter means cold temperatures that can damage your vehicle, as well as icy roads and snow-covered driveways. To make it through this season, read on for tips on how to winterize your Volkswagen.

Volkswagen in Winter

The first tip to prepare your Volkswagen for the winter is checking your tires. Examine the tire tread depth of your tires and see if this matches up with your owner’s manual. If the depth is too high, deflate the tires a bit. If it’s too low, add air and consider replacing your tires. If you do opt for replacement tires this winter, think about snow tires to tackle the icy and snow covered roads.

The next thing to check is your oil filter. Be sure your vehicle has enough oil to make it through the winter months. Receive a routine oil change before the temperature drops to be sure you’re prepared. After changing your oil, check on your battery. Cold weather is tough on car batteries. Make sure your battery is clear of any corrosion and consider replacing it if it is older than three years. Finally, check out the engine coolant and antifreeze. Keep these levels up to keep your engine running smoothly and to drive comfortably this winter.

After checking off these steps, consider packing your car with some winter essentials. In the event of an accident or emergency, you will want to a have a winter weather emergency kit on hand. Fill this kit with blankets, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a small knife, flares, non-perishable foods, waterproof matches, an ice scraper, extra clothing, and jumper cables.

For help getting your Volkswagen winter ready, visit the service garage at Island Volkswagen! You can locate us at 1632 Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island, or you can call us at 855-602-0808.

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