Ensure Your VW is Ready for the Warmer Months of Summer

June 29th, 2018 by

Summertime seems like a season where you don’t need to worry as much about your VW as you might in winter. Summer can create stress on your Staten Island vehicle due to the sun, heat, and humidity. Here are some things to keep in mind during summer months:

  • Check your tires. As summer temperatures rise, tire pressures also go up. Check your tires regularly for correct pressures, and also look for unusual wear or any damage to a tire which could lead to a failure. Heat takes a toll on tires, so check them often.
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  • Air conditioning,. Summer is when air conditioning is needed most, and when it also can be prone to failure. If you notice warm air coming from the interior vents or any other issues that could be related to the air conditioning system, don’t hesitate to bring it to the Island Volkswagen service center for a checkup.
  • Filters and fluids. Summer temperatures make your engine work harder and hotter. Make sure you have a clean air filter to provide needed air to the engine. Check the overflow tanks in the engine area for adequate coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and even washer fluid to keep the windshield clean.
  • Windshield wipers. Speaking of the windshield, the summer sun and heat can take a toll on the windshield wipers. If you notice any streaking when the wipers are used, get them replaced promptly. As the wipers degrade they may also make squeaking or rubbing noises, so this can be another clue you need new wipers.
  • Oil changes. Keeping your oil changed regularly is one of the most important things you can do for your VW’s health. Oil degrades more rapidly in the summer heat, so follow the car’s guidelines and let Island Volkswagen help keep your VW in good condition.

Island Volkswagen can help you with any service needs for your precious VW, or answer any questions about what to do in the summer to maintain your vehicle. Drop by our dealership located at 1632 Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island, or give us a call at 877-810-5513 when you need service here at Island Volkswagen!

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